In 1928 Moisei Ginzburg and Ignatius Milinis began work on a complex for the Ministry of Finance that included a residential block, a communal building and laundry building. It was a prototype, a transitional communal building, a new way of life in the modern era. Innovative in its architectural design, it combined communal spaces and private life in one structure: Narkomfin.

The architectural planning of Narkomfin aimed at creating a community within its walls and providing for the basic needs of the socialist person. In 2013, the clues of life in the building can be noticed by the variety of painted doors lining the long, street-like hallways.

Behind the closed doors one discovers that the spaces and the people that live there are quite different from one another, yet are connected by the fact that they all are subject to Narkomfin!

Knock on the doors and visit Narkomfin's homes here.

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